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Please support our free and source-based sharing of maritime news. MaritimeQuote provides daily news from and for the Global Maritime Industry.

MaritimeQuote aims to give the different segments of the maritime world more transparency. This means that we keep the maritime industry informed by collecting and sharing quality news and views from original sources in the Global Maritime Industry, thus keeping our readers up-to-date with the latest developments and activities in the maritime scenery.

However, collecting and sharing worth knowing news is an expensive and most time consuming work. A still increasing number of people are reading MaritimeQuote than ever before, only a very few are supporting it.

So if you happen to be a loyal reader of MaritimeQuote, if you appreciate the kind of news content we collect and share, if you value our labour and service to the global maritime industry – then please support us and help make the global maritime industry better covered.

Last but not least: The independency of MaritimeQuote means no one can force us to censor or drop interesting news.


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